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As a professional home inspector your best interest IS my business.

As an independent inspector, my top priority is to provide you with an accurate and thorough assessment of your home. I work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is accounted for, so you can make the most informed decision possible.  Book an appointment today to get the big picture.


The main services I provide are home inspection, sewer scopes, radon testing, and underwater structures.  I provide other services as well listed on the services page.

Playing in the Garden

I take pride in providing my clients with a thorough and detailed report of their home's condition. My inspections cover most aspects of your property, and I adhere to industry-leading standards like those set forth by the State of Oregon, INTERNACHI, and ASHI. From the roof to the crawl space and between, no stone is left unturned in my mission to provide you with peace of mind and a detailed assessment of your home's health.

Sewer Overflow

A sewer inspection is a must-have for any property owner.  I will inspect your sewer line thoroughly, using high-tech equipment to precisely locate the line, and assess its functionality and serviceability. With this service, you can avoid unpleasant and very costly surprises later. Trust me to provide you with a comprehensive and clear report so you can make informed decisions.

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

Don't wait until it’s too late! Protect your family from the harmful effects of radon. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, and the Pacific Northwest has pockets of high radon levels. If your home has high levels of radon, it can be mitigated. This test will provide you with the results you need to negotiate the right solution for your family's health and safety.

My Clients Say

"As a realtor, Aric checks off every box I could think of. He's detailed, knowledgable, and practical. He's timely and his detailed work is unheard of. The amount of knowledge i've gained from being there at inspections is gold, and I only have Aric to thank. If you're looking for a funny, smart, and kind inspector who's been in the business for a while and knows what they're talking about, Aric is your guy. He's my go to inspector!"

Amirah Fattom, Realtor

I get a lot of questions about the same things all the time.   Go to the FAQ's page for more. 

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