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Here are the three services I provide.


Not all home inspectors provide sewer inspections and radon testing because we are not required to provide these as per state regulated standards of practice.  I have the equipment and the training to provide these services independent of the general home inspection.  I do not however provide any repair services.  I am a full time inspector and consultant.  This is all I do.

General Home Inspection

A general home inspection is a visual inspection where every effort is made to find items that are in need of repair or correction.  I follow the OCHI (Oregon Certified Home Inspector) and the AHSI (American Society of Home Inspectors)  standards of practice.  Please take a look at the Oregon SOP as it has valuable information that ALL Oregon home inspectors are required to adhere to.


You will be provided with a very detailed narrative style inspection report with color photographs delivered in .pdf format via email.  Printed copies can be provided upon request.  To the left is an example of one of my reports which range from 38 to over 50 pages depending on the number of reportable conditions.  General home inspections start at $450 and increase depending on home specifics such as square footage, or additional features.




Video Sewer Inspection

Video sewer inspections are done using a small video camera on a long cable that is inserted into the sewer line.  Reportable conditions requiring repairs or even replacement of the entire line occur in all ages of homes, even new construction as shown in the video to the left.  The only way to know what a sewer line looks like is to put a camera in it.


The camera used for this inspection is designed for this purpose and the entire video is recorded digitally and uploaded to the web.  Via email I provide a written report and a link to your sewer video.  These can then easily be forwarded to anyone needing a copy.  To the left are actual video inspections performed by me.  The second video is new construction!  Sewer inspections are $150.

Radon Testing

By now you probably know that radon is a bad gas and you don't want it in your home.  There is a lot of information on the EPA's website regarding this topic and certainly explains more than is needed here but I'll give you the nutshell version.   Radon comes from the decomposing granite in the soil and enters through basements and slabs.  Because this comes from the soil, the age of the structure has nothing to do with concentrations of radon inside the home.  The good news is that even though radon is bad and can kill you the remediation is relatively simple and in most cases the radon levels can be brought back to safe levels for less than $2000.  The test is really simple and is done using a special monitor that is placed on the lowest habitable level of the home and left for 48 hours to sample the air.  When the testing is done I generate a report that looks like the one to the left and send you a .pdf version via email.  Radon Testing is only $155.

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